For each statement ask yourself whether it describes you. Simply answer 'yes' or 'no'. Enjoy!
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Being around a large group of people drains you. *

You often have trouble sleeping the first night in a new place (hotel, someone’s guest room etc.). *

You never seem to have enough energy . *

People often tell you that you are exaggerating or being difficult. *

You struggle with setting healthy boundaries . *

You sometimes feel sad or angry for no apparent reason . *

You feel like there is something wrong with you, because not everybody is impacted by things the way you are . *

You think you cry more than most people. (E.g. because you are touched deeply, as a way to release, because you are overwhelmed or feel too much, or maybe because you feel powerless.) *

You are easily distracted and find it hard to focus . *

Noise or the ‘wrong’ kind of music drains you . *

You can lash out at people for something really small—even though you’re normally not such a b*tch . *

You often feel weak . *

You can sense people’s emotions . *

You often feel misunderstood, and alone . *

You sometimes just ‘know’ things . *

You are often in a state of overwhelm . *

You are only able to support a limited amount of clients because you don’t have the energy for more . *

You know there is more to life, and this isn’t how it’s supposed to feel, but you don’t know which buttons to push to make things change. *

Sometimes you just feel too much . *

When you’ve been around other people you need time on your own to recharge *

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